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Case Study: Guardian Energy Management

Company Description

Guardian Energy Management is an energy provider with locations spanning three states. Their business includes a small corporate office in Minnesota and three energy plants that employ approximately 150 workers.

Business Need

When Mindy Jendersee took on her role as Human Resources Manager in 2017, Guardian had no workforce management system in place. The accounting team was in charge of benefits and HR administration, a third-party company managed payroll, and almost all processes were paper-based and done by hand. Jendersee was in search of a workforce management solution that could automate operations across the entire organization.

Main Concerns

  • Paper-based system was time-consuming, inefficient, and difficult to navigate
  • Employees had difficulty accessing their own data, including payroll information
  • Training and learning management efforts were difficult to track
  • The HR team had invested a lot of time into performance review forms and worried that their work would be erased by a new system

Desired Requirements

  • Complete automation and digitization of HR, payroll, benefits administration, and timekeeping
  • Elimination of outdated paper-based processes
  • Give employees easier access to accurate data and self-service functions
  • Digitize performance management while maintaining the existing efforts of the HR team
  • Streamline learning management processes and create an easily referenced record of all training and certification

Why Ascentis?

  • Comprehensive, customizable WFM solution with the option of adding more modules as needed
  • Easy integration with other essential systems across the Guardian system
  • Learning management system allows easy customization to reflect Guardian’s unique SOPs and internal processes
  • Overall ease of use was ideal for a company accustomed to a lot of outdated WFM processes

Outcome (through quotes)

  • “It’s done everything that I wanted it to do. Ascentis has a system that literally does it all. The system has been almost flawless for us.”
  • “It was an A-to-Z system. In the beginning we started out with just payroll, timekeeping, and benefits. Over the years, we’ve added different modules including recruiting, talent management and compensation. We liked that about the system; we didn’t have to purchase everything at once.”
  • “The initial implementation training for us was so good, and then being able to go back and find information to help if I need refreshers on things? I appreciate that.”
  • “We’re in the process of downloading all of our standard operating procedures. We’re going to create a learning track for every position or specific skill within the company. With Ascentis employees have an avenue to go to instead of waiting for a manager to give direction. They can kind of direct themselves.”
  • “The flexibility and capabilities of the system seem limitless. Instead of having to send off an Excel spreadsheet, we’re having it flow right from performance management.”
  • “We had a call with the Ascentis product expert for performance management, and you re-created our performance review form online! The content is exactly like our paper form.”
  • “We use the Ascentis system for open enrollment, performance management, and merit increases. The employees like the fact that everything is done right online instead of having to fill out forms.”
  • Client: Mindy Jendersee
  • Company: Guardian Energy Management
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Products: Payroll, Timekeeping, Benefits, Recruiting, Talent Management