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Case Study: Catholic Guardian Services

Company Description

Catholic Guardian Services (CGS) is a Manhattan-based non-profit charity organization that provides programs and social services for underserved children and families across all five boroughs of New York City.

Business Need

CGS was being held back by an outdated system that used paper and spreadsheets to manage all workforce management functions, including payroll, human resources, recruitment, onboarding, and timekeeping operations. They were also overpaying for a third-party payroll solution that did not offer many customization options and charged CGS for each individual report.

Main Concerns

  • Paper-based workforce management system was extremely time-consuming, error-prone, and ill-suited to CGS’s rate of growth
  • Employees were sometimes being paid too much or too early due to processing delays and errors
  • Third-party payroll process lacked customization options and was prohibitively expensive
  • Communication between different areas of workforce management was confusing, leading to payment errors and time loss

Desired Requirements

  • Automate all workforce management and payroll functions
  • Cut costs of payroll processing and reporting
  • Eliminate overpayments and leave management mistakes
  • Reduce human error in payroll and compliance functions

Why Ascentis?

  • A-la-carte options meant CGS could purchase functions they needed immediately while holding off on others
  • Ascentis was the only vendor that offered easy integration with CGS’s third-party payroll system
  • Automated compliance functions were ideal for cutting down on human error and simplifying reporting
  • When CGS’s third-party payroll contract was up, Ascentis payroll offered significant savings
  • Ascentis sales reps listened to CGS’s specific concerns and did not push or oversell the products

Outcome (through quotes)

  • “I love it. It just makes my life easier. Everything is all in one place. I’ve loved everything about Ascentis from the very beginning. It was just the right company for us, and it has made our team more efficient.”
  • “Ascentis had flexibility and a-la-carte options. Alll the other companies, they would tell you off the bat, ‘Oh no, you know if you don’t have this service, you can’t have this other service.’”
  • “The integration with another company’s payroll product, that was the main thing. Ascentis was the only one that said, ‘We have done integrations before with [that payroll company].’ Everything else would work, and we could add on modules without having to add payroll.”
  • “It was a huge cost difference between [the two payroll services], especially when it came down to reporting. [The previous provider] was charging for every single report that we needed, and they didn’t have a lot of the customized reports that Ascentis has.”
  • “We had a company that was mailing out ACA forms for us and, of course, they were charging around $10,000 just to mail it out. So having that feature on Ascentis was the best thing I ever could have.”
  • Client: Francesca Grindjan
  • Company: Catholic Guardian Services
  • Industry: Nonprofit
  • Products: Payroll, Recruitment, Time