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Case Study: Bridgelux

Company Description

Bridgelux is a leading developer and manufacturer of technologies with solutions transforming the global lighting industry. As a pioneer in solid-state lighting (SSL), Bridgelux is expanding the market for light emitting diode (LED) technologies by driving down the cost of LED lighting systems.

Business Need

With one person managing the information of more than 200 employees, Bridgelux urgently needed a comprehensive system to quickly streamline and automate processes. Bridgelux had a manual HR process and separate payroll system which required entering the same data into multiple locations. Bridgelux also desired a system that provided electronic time-capturing to eliminate paper timesheet processing.

Main Concerns

  • Managing the employee, benefits and payroll operations for more than 200 employees was an overwhelming amount of data for one person to track and maintain
  • Processes were inefficient and paper-based
  • Paper timesheets did not reflect hours employees actually worked
  • Separate HR and payroll systems required dual data-entry

Desired Requirements

  • Integrated HR and payroll systems for seamless data flow
  • Time-clocks to accurately record employee hours
  • The ability to electronically communicate benefits information directly to carriers
  • Intuitive self-service system for easy employee adoption
  • Excellent customer service to address questions or concerns

Why Ascentis

  • Customer-centric support team and designated customer support representative
  • Ascentis Carrier Connect delivers benefits information to insurance carriers electronically – other solutions did not offer this
  • Ability to use building access badges as time-clocks
  • The Ascentis Self-Service module is simple, intuitive, and easy to use


  • With Ascentis, hours worked are conveniently and accurately logged electronically using employee badges, completely eliminating the need to process timesheets manually
  • The Ascentis Carrier Connect service electronically transmits benefit elections and information to carriers eliminating dual data entry and ensuring accuracy
  • Ascentis’ fully integrated suite of products enables Bridgelux to accomplish more tasks and improve their ability to manage growth
  • With Ascentis, employees can now access personal information, paystubs, W2s and more – independent from HR’s time and resources
  • Ascentis Self-Service allows employees to take control of their benefits selections online – at their convenience

“Ascentis’ Carrier Connect service transmits benefits data to carriers electronically so I don’t have to fax or enter data into each carrier’s site. I love it!”
-Karen Cuviello, Human Resources and Payroll Manager

  • Client: Karen Cuviello
  • Company: Bridgelux
  • Industry: Technology
  • Products: HR, Payroll, Time and Self-Service