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Ascentis COVID-19 Employee Tracker

As we all continue to navigate the current state of reality, we at Ascentis were faced with a desire to have a way to automate tracking the status of each of our employees. We put our combined brain power to work and created a tool for our leadership and HR teams to use to easily and efficiently track the status of our employees, the Ascentis COVID-19 Employee Tracker. We want to share this free tool with any organization in need. We hope you find it helpful in managing these uncertain times.

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What it is: 

The Ascentis COVID-19 Employee Tracker is a tool for you to use to track the real-time status of employees related to COVID-19. This tool provides your organization daily updates from employees, creating a sharable, reportable dashboard, so your organization has real-time insights into COVID-19s impact on staffing to make the right decisions for your business.

Please note, this tool was not designed to ensure compliance with FFCRA guidelines, rather, it was designed to help provide an organizations leadership with visibility to better manage your workforce. Compliance with FFCRA is better managed with time and attendance and payroll solutions. It is not our intention to continuously enhance this tool, although we may from time to time add additional capabilities.

How it works:  

  • Click the button above to create an account  
  • Download the excel template  
  • Fill in the template with your employee’s information  
  • Upload the file into the tracker
  • Click here to view sample messaging you may want to send to your employees before sending the first status communication
  • Once all your employees are uploaded, select “Communication” to send a message instantly to your employees requesting they respond with their current status  
  • View responses on the automated dashboard  
  • You can send out communications to your team as frequently as your organization needs 
  • If you have any support needs while using this tool, reach out to
  • For more information on the qualifying reasons for leave, please look at the Department of Labor website page here

Data Privacy:

Employee data uploaded into the tool will not be used for any marketing purposes. The data you enter into the tracker is yours and will only be used by you to track your organization’s updates.

Read our privacy policy here 

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