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Payroll Software

A powerful, automated system for managing all of your payroll complexities.


Getting payroll done on time is essential. Getting it done right is critical.

The Ascentis payroll system helps ensure your employees are paid on time, securely and with 100% accuracy to build trust and protect your strong reputation as an employer. Our automated solutions are packed with all the features you need to take full control and manage compliance in your payroll operations. Better yet, you can customize the program to more precisely meet the needs of your complex work environment.

The web-based system will run payroll for you in just a handful of steps, reducing processing and admin time. The system even makes it easy to complete all your federal, state, and local tax filling and offer flexible employee check options.

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All your essential tools available via mobile

Workforce-driven organizations need to stay connected and productive in a variety of workplaces. That’s why our mobile app gives your workers the ability to perform the most essential payroll-related tasks on the go and from any work site. So your workforce can stay productive, engaged, and in the know—whenever and wherever they need.

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ROI calculator

When you invest in something, you need it to pay off. Try out our ROI calculator to see how Ascentis is really an investment in growing your entire business.

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It’s one thing to say what Ascentis can do for you. But we’d prefer to show you how we can help simplify and automate your entire HR process.

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Our team of compliance experts and hourly workforce industry specialists is here to answer any questions you have.


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