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October 30, 2019 | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

Ascentis Launches Revolutionary Smart Time Clock

The powerful new NT8000 time tracking system demonstrates Ascentis’ commitment in delivering the most advanced workforce management and HCM solutions on the market today

MINNEAPOLIS – Oct. 1, 2019 – Ascentis, a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management and human capital management technology solutions, today announces the launch of its revolutionary smart, workforce management device, the NT8000. The launch of Ascentis’ new, purpose-built NT8000 time clock signifies the company’s evolution as an industry leader in HCM solutions designed to unlock an organization’s maximum potential.

“The NT8000 is much more than a way to track time,” said Jeff Cronin, chief product officer, Ascentis. “Our premiere smart time clock works hard to help your organization control efficiency, cost and ensure compliance. This allows you to focus on leveraging real-time data and insights to support your employees and organization’s unique goals.”

The NT8000 serves as an ideal standalone workforce management solution, offering employees convenient access – particularly when access to a desktop computer or HR office is limited. This groundbreaking solution enables employees to quickly access their information at the clock in a convenient, secure way, strengthening and streamlining the employee experience and reducing user error. Additionally, with multi-language support and a durable design that supports biometric and badge (proximity or HID) readers, the NT8000 can integrate with any workforce or workplace environment.

“We are excited to introduce the NT8000,” said Brian Provost, CEO, Ascentis. “The advanced functionality of the NT8000 demonstrates a product designed with the understanding that every organization is unique in their needs, dilemmas and people. The NT8000 utilizes technology that is perfect for the challenges of today’s work environments and further establishes Ascentis’ dedication to empower people in their roles, ultimately improving their lives with the most advanced, technology-enabled HCM solutions in the industry.”

The NT8000 features a modern, versatile design with a large color touchscreen and full kiosk capability for convenient employee self-service. The smart time clock is designed to facilitate the growing need for heightened security and accuracy. With the NT8000, security and privacy remain front and center to keep employees and companies compliant. The device retrieves important workforce data with unmatched precision, while also utilizing the most secure mechanisms and processes that protect employers from lawsuits, claims and arbitration.

Key NT8000 features include:

  • Industry leading security via badge entry, key-in, badge + fingerprint, or key-in + fingerprint.
  • Operate anywhere with untethered LTE network functionality and support, eliminating the need to be connected to Wi-Fi or a wired network.
  • New and improved menu with intuitive user interface, including guided instruction and high-speed processing enabling rapid check-in and eliminating long check-in lines.
  • Connected, smart clock capabilities that provides value beyond check-in capabilities like allowing employees to request time-off, perform benefit enrollment and confirm mandated meals and breaks, just to name a few.

Along with the release of the NT8000, Ascentis announced the launch of its corporate rebrand.

Leveraging more than 30 years of human resource experience and workplace management solutions, Ascentis’ rebrand showcases the company’s mission to better serve and understand the realities of those they serve in their current and future state. Ascentis’ full suite of leading workforce management solutions and all-in-one human capital management, coupled with the rebrand, encompasses the company’s passion to seamlessly connect technology with an organization’s most important asset, its employees and the teams supporting them.

“The NT8000 and our rebrand signify a major milestone in Ascentis’ evolution and growth,” Provost continued. “These announcements serve as a testament of our company’s passion to provide the best workforce management technology created to serve as the foundation for the entire HR technology suite. We’re thrilled to enter this next phase of our company’s journey with a brand that represents this momentum and understanding of who we best serve.”

Ascentis officially unveiled the NT8000 and the rebrand at the annual 2019 HR Technology Conference, the world’s largest HR technology expo of its kind. Ascentis is located at Booth #2728, where they will demonstrate their latest workforce management and HCM solutions.

For more information on NT8000, visit our Time and Attendance hardware page.

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