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September 24, 2021 | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

Ascentis HR Software Customization Provides Employers with Easy Vaccination Tracking

With the ability to customize as needed within the Ascentis platform, employers are able to easily track and report on the immunization status of employees.

MINNEAPOLIS – Sept. 24, 2021Ascentis, a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management and human capital management technology solutions, is pleased to share how its customizable solutions can easily account for vaccination tracking and other unplanned compliance requirements. Employers have the ability to customize the Ascentis solution to fit their specific business needs, which means they can quickly and easily manage and track the immunization status of their employees, helping to ensure they are staying compliant.

When the Biden Administration announced a COVID-19 Action Plan, outlining requirements expected to impact more than 80 million workers, it left employers with the need to take action and mitigate compliance risk. Ascentis’ software has been able to quickly accommodate clients’ needs to adhere to these types of regulations through existing customization available within its platform throughout the course of the pandemic and the ever changing legislation. Beyond helping employers monitor the status of their organization, Ascentis HR tools enable the employees to easily access the tracker via Employee Self Service (ESS), where they can upload current information and documentation specific to their immunization status.

“The world of HR is full of ever-evolving compliance changes. Having strong, adaptable technology to account for these requirements is essential in providing unmatched service to our clients,” said Jeff Cronin, Chief Product Officer, Ascentis. “The vaccination tracking requirement is a perfect example of how our solutions were able to easily accommodate our clients’ needs. We focus on automating the complexity, so they can focus on the things that require a human touch.”

As guidance continues to be released around COVID legislation, Ascentis has been accounting for these compliance needs by providing additional tools for clients, including vaccination tracking templates based on OSHA’s recommendations and dashboards to help ensure employers they are compliant with current employment policies. These dashboards, display the current vaccination status for each of the groups in your organization, as well as the trend for how many people are getting vaccinated over time.

For more information on Ascentis’ HR software and its easily customizable features, click here.

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