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Ascentis Manufacturing HR Software Software to boost productivity and profitability

In manufacturing, there’s no time for downtime. Ascentis automates essential tasks, optimizes material and labor allocation and helps you meet safety and compliance standards—so you can keep your operations running day-in and day-out.


Manufacturing is an industry with a lot of moving parts, both literally and figuratively. With tight deadlines, complex tracking requirements, and a variable workforce, you have a heavy workload.

Many software providers shy away from the complex and hard-to-solve. But Ascentis thrives in the unique challenges and needs you face in the manufacturing industry. From complex union agreements to managing a variable workforce,  we use our hard-won expertise to provide the insights and control you need to optimize your business. We deliver smart, easily customizable solutions that boost productivity, help maintain safety and compliance, and reduce turnover—so you can stay ahead of your competition.

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“There is constant support. The online videos, training and tutorials, all just a phone call away.”

-Attributed to HR manager in manufacturing