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Ascentis Healthcare HR Software Enhance your standard of care and improve your bottom line

So much relies on your care providers. You can rely on Ascentis to automate essential tasks, optimize labor allocation and meet compliance and regulatory requirements.


Healthcare is a 24-hour industry that rarely follows a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. Keeping every shift staffed with skilled, credentialed workers while also managing labor costs is a constant challenge. Succeeding in healthcare today requires an in-depth understanding of unique operations and the outside factors that challenge them. That’s the only way you can confidently make the decisions that improve your quality of care—while enhancing your bottom line.

Ascentis was purpose-built to meet the unique complexities and needs you face in the healthcare and non-acute care industries. Our expertise in healthcare runs deep. From day one, we’ve supported healthcare pros with the insights and control they need to operate at their best. This innovation gives you the power to offer the ultimate standard of care—all while being more profitable.

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