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Ascentis Construction HR Software Helping construction companies build a more efficient, profitable organization

Rely on Ascentis to find the skilled workers you need and ensure you allocate your workforce efficiently and effectively.  


Running a successful construction company presents several unique workforce management challenges. The sheer number of trades and skills involved requires a broad range of compliance, training, scheduling, and payroll management needs. Then there are the persistent issues of employee turnover, workplace safety, managing overtime, and compliance with OSHA regulations and related state and local laws.  

That’s where Ascentis comes in. A software solution to automate all your essential tasks. Ascentis offers rules-based scheduling software that can accommodate a wide variety of employees, as well as codes and rules unique to a particular business. While the built-in compliance tools help businesses stay on top of not just federal, state, and local labor laws, but also complex union requirements and compliance reporting across a wide range of trades.   This is how forward-thinking construction businesses stay ahead of issues and chart a course to the future.  

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