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Simplified HRIS System for Your Teams

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HRIS Software to Empower Your Workforce

Empower growth with the centralization, automation and accuracy of all employee data with Ascentis human resources information systems software. Manage and track employee records throughout the entire employee cycle with our easy to use, cloud based solution.

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How it Works

Ascentis HR & Benefits empowers growth with a customizable, easy-to-use HR information system (HRIS) that centralizes and automates all employee data. Our HRIS helps you ensure accuracy across the Ascentis suite of products while managing and tracking employee records through the entire employee lifecycle in one cloud-based, online HR system.


Home Page

Your home page is your first chance to empower your employer branding and let your employees know who you are and what you stand for. You spend a lot of time and money developing the culture of your organization. Your homepage is an opportunity to demonstrate that culture by bringing all of your foundational messaging and resources together in one place. Clearly expressing your workplace’s mission, vision and values is critical to attracting new talent, getting new employees familiar with your company, and retaining high-quality employees.

Ascentis gives you the power to carry that culture into your HR platform. Ascentis helps you establish a branded identity right out of the gate. Our HRIS solutions make the first interaction your employees have with their human resources software feel consistent with other interactions they would have with your organization. Customize the look and feel, share company announcements, holidays, recognition, links to important information, and much more. Unlike some platforms that make your home page conform to a pre-set style and user experience, our HR software and dedicated Ascentis support team work with you to match your company brand and highlight the most valuable resources..


Manager Self-Service

Hiring managers need an HRIS platform that supports their role. An ideal system should make it easier to manage not only their teams, but also themselves.

Manager Self Service gives these users the same experience whether they are working with their own information or their teams’. Managers can select and access specific information about their direct reports that they need to complete various businesses processes. Ascentis also makes it easy for managers to initiate tasks or processes, such as compensation change, termination, status change and more, directly from the self-service portal. They can then initiate the necessary workflows to ensure those processes are approved by the right people within the organization.



In an era of automated HR solutions, building reports no longer needs to be the tedious, time-consuming process it used to be. The simple drag-and-drop reporting capabilities built into Ascentis’ HR software solutions give you the ability to create the reports you need in real time without having to wait for reports to process. These custom reports, along with over 300 out-of-the-box standard reports, help you gather important insights from your data and further empower your decision making.

Dashboards and analytics make it easy for anyone at your organization to instantly access the data that matters most to them. Customizable dashboards can be created for anyone from executives to the HR manager. Software-based exporting capabilities allow you to take information from the Ascentis system and present in a variety of formats, including PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Hear It From Our Clients

Data Transfer

“I like the HR piece because you can go in as an administrator and approve things. It’s really simple. If it’s payroll related it flows right over to payroll. I love that. ”

Simple Automation

“I can almost guarantee you there is a solution in Ascentis to either automate that task or make it ten times faster than what you’re currently doing.”

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Our tools are made with you and your unique needs in mind. The service we pair with those tools makes implementation smooth and cost-effective. Request a demo today to see how Ascentis will work for you.

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