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Payroll Webinar: Untangling Multi State Payroll Reporting Complexities

Aired live on Thursday July 29th, 2021

This course will explore the obligations to payroll reporting for state purposes including exception cases with state reciprocity and convenience of the employer states. The course will look to “untangle” the complexities around when and how to report to non-resident states and when to withhold and remit state and local taxes.

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What you will learn

  • Understand the general rule for non-resident state working time.
  • Explore some difference in treatment of key states.
  • Discuss potential exposure for payroll noncompliance.
  • Review states with reciprocal agreements.
  • Discuss the complexities and current news around convenience of employer states.
  • Discuss planning for the future of work – remote work or hybrid work models

Get to know the speaker

Ronii Rizzo

Ronii Rizzo heads the BDO USA Global Payroll and Employment Tax Group. In this role Ronii aids clients with various services in setting up, reviewing, advising and supporting US and global payroll obligations especially in the cases of cross border and traveling employees and contractors. She also serves as the Chair for the Customized Payroll Services Center of Excellence which coordinates a global team of BDO payroll professionals for benchmarking and detailing best practices as related to payroll compliance obligations. Ronii has experience in the practice of expatriate tax and has used this expertise to bridge the gap between the world of tax and payroll compliance. Ronii is a frequent speaker and teacher for many professional organizations such as the American Payroll Association, Financial and Tax Executives Institute, and Global Payroll Management Institute.

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Payroll Webinar: Untangling Multi State Payroll Reporting Complexities from Ascentis

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