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Just ask our competitors, who regularly refer clients to our resources for accreditation and certification. After 30 years as an industry leader in HR software and technology, including Payroll, HR, Time, Talent, and Recruiting,we’re your best educational resource for live and on-demand free payroll webinars. Here, HR and payroll professionals like you can register for recertification hours from the APA. Join us today.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Time & Attendance Payroll Fraud

May 27, 2021 | Payroll

In this hour, the different methods by which an employee might abuse a time and attendance system will be identified and discussed, as well as best practices for prevention.

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Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments: What Payroll Must Know to Stay in Compliance

June 29, 2021 | Payroll

This webinar concentrates on processing garnishments in the payroll department other than child support. It covers the federal rules for creditor garnishments, the IRS rules for federal tax levies, the various aspects of state tax levies, the key points for processing state creditor garnishments, how to handle voluntary wage assignments such as payday loans and student loans.

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On-Demand Webinars

Wage and Hour Compliance in 2021

Aired On (April 8, 2021) | Payroll

Join Vicki M. Lambert, CPP as she helps you to understand federal and state wage and hour requirements that must be followed in the payroll department for 2021.

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Archived Webinars

For education purposes only, no longer eligible for APA credits.

Streamlining Payroll Operations and Efficiencies

Aired On (March 24, 2021) | Payroll

In this session we talk about the many ways that companies can stay compliant, streamline payroll operations, and optimize efficiency. We’ll share best practices and current trends to help improve your overall payroll operations and keep things running smoothly.


Maximize Operational Efficiency with Your Workforce Management Strategy

Aired On (March 23, 2021) | HR

In this webinar, we will talk about ways to improve your company's overall operational efficiency in leveraging data analytics that can be found through technology, like a time system.


Payroll Tax Nexus 2021: Impacts on Organizations as a Result of Remote Work

Aired On (February 25, 2021) | Payroll

This session will explore the U.S. payroll tax impact to employers and employees in response to the increase in telework as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Forms W-2/941/940 for 2021: The Information You Need to Know!

Aired On (January 19, 2021)

Join “The Payroll Advisor” Vicki M. Lambert, CPP as she helps you to understand the proper procedures for completion of Form W-2, Form 941 and Form 940 for 2021.


Payroll Tax Compliance 2020 & 2021 Legislative Update

Aired On (December 10, 2020) | Payroll

Join Jim Paille as he talks about payroll tax compliance going into the new year. In this session, you will understand the latest tax reform items that affect payroll. He will cover new IRS initiatives to be mindful of entering 2021.


What You Need to Know about Benefits Taxation

Aired On (September 23, 2020) | Payroll

Learn the payroll department’s responsibilities pertaining to the set-up of employee benefits, including retirement, health and welfare and other benefits.


Mitigating Internal Payroll Fraud

Aired On (August 27, 2020) | Payroll

Protecting the financial interests of yourself, the company and the employees has become more important than ever. Knowing what to protect against can help the team prepare for the worst while expecting the best. In this hour, we will explore and discuss best practices for mitigating the risk of payroll fraud while maintaining compliance with payroll laws.


The Essentials for Third Party Sick Pay in 2020: What Payroll Must Know to Tax and Report Correctly

Aired On (July 10, 2020) | Payroll

This webinar discusses the proper taxation and reporting of the fringe benefit known as third party sick pay. It discusses what is and is not third party sick pay, how the taxation is affected by the status of the provider (is or is not the employer’s agent), when this type of payment is taxable and/or reportable and who is responsible for this taxation and reporting.


Payroll Fraud Sleuth Training

Aired On (May 20, 2020) | Payroll

During this hour, you will learn what the fraudsters are looking for, how they are gaining access to it and which employee populations are most at risk.


Wage and Hour Compliance in 2020: It’s More Than Just Calculating Overtime

Aired On (April 9, 2020) | Payroll

This webinar concentrates on federal and state wage and hour requirements that must be followed in the payroll department.


Form 941 for 2020: What You Need to Know

Aired On (March 10, 2020) | Payroll

This webinar covers what’s new for the IRS Form 941 and its accompanying Form Schedule B in 2020 and covers the requirements for each form line by line.


Form W-2 for 2020: All You Need to Know

Aired On (February 18, 2020) | Payroll

The Form W-2 is one of the most important documents that payroll departments must process. This webinar covers the IRS Form W-2 for 2020.


1/28 RESCHEDULED The A to Z of Garnishments Part 3

Aired On (January 28, 2020)

In this webinar we will apply all that we learned in parts 1 and 2 by reviewing all types of examples of calculating garnishments. This will include how to prorate when an employee has two or more child support withholding orders and not enough disposable income to cover both; the proper calculations for a federal tax levy; what to do if the employee has a creditor garnishments and much, much more.


Understanding the 2020 W4

Aired On (January 16, 2020) | Payroll

In this webinar, we will explore the evolution of the Federal W4. We will discuss what has been removed from the legacy form and review the updated version.


The A to Z of Garnishments Part 2

Aired On (November 5, 2019) | Payroll

In Part 2, we focus on tax levies. Tax levies and creditor garnishments can be some of the most complex tasks required of any payroll department. If garnishments are not handled correctly, you may find yourself facing situations that become extremely costly both financially and emotionally.


The A to Z of Garnishments Part 1

Aired On (October 1, 2019) | Payroll

In this three-part series on the proper handling and processing of garnishments we will discuss the rules, regulations and requirements as they apply to withholding and paying child support, tax levies, creditor garnishments and others. In Part 1 we focus on Child Support. Payroll departments must know both the federal laws and the state laws and must determine which one applies to the child support withholding order.


Customer Service in Payroll

Aired On (September 12, 2019) | Payroll

By establishing a customer service policy with a payroll twist, the manager creates an environment within the payroll department that focuses on increasing productivity and efficiency of the department rather than on the customer needs. However, this in turn actually allows the department to offer better service to its customers in the long run.


Going Paperless in Payroll

Aired On (August 6, 2019) | Payroll

Getting away from paper use in business is both good for the environment and the company’s bottom line. Finding the right methods to decrease or eliminate paper in your day-to-day payroll operations while ensuring that proper compliance requirements are met can be done in any department, if you know how!


Paying Overtime Under the FLSA Part 2

Aired On (June 4, 2019) | Payroll

Part 2 of the two-part webinar that will help you better understand the sometimes confounding requirements and procedures involved in overtime calculation. The truth is that overtime rules and the mathematics required to arrive at the correct calculation can be extremely tricky.


Paying Overtime Under the FLSA Part 1

Aired On (May 8, 2019) | Payroll

Part 1 of the two-part webinar that will help you better understand the sometimes confounding requirements and procedures involved in overtime calculation. The truth is that overtime rules and the mathematics required to arrive at the correct calculation can be extremely tricky.


Wage and Hour Law: California Style

Aired On (April 2, 2019) | Payroll

With arguably the greatest amount of wage and hour laws of any state, processing payroll and keeping in compliance with California requirements can be a complex situation.


W-2’s vs. 1099’s: Understanding Who Should be an Independent Contractor

Aired On (March 13, 2019) | Payroll

We examine how the common law rule is used to determine worker status and which three requirements are used to correctly classify a worker as an independent contractor along with the requirements for when a worker must be classified as an employee. With federal and state agencies joining forces to combat misclassification, fines and penalties have skyrocketed.


W-4 Best Practice and Compliance Regulations

Aired On (February 28, 2019) | Payroll

The importance of the Form W-4 is fundamental to the payroll department. This webinar covers IRS Form W-4 for 2019 including the requirements for completing the form properly, handling non-resident aliens, state equivalent forms, record retention and processing the form electronically instead of on paper.


Form W-2 for 2019: All You Need to Know

Aired On (January 15, 2019) | Payroll

This webinar discusses the Form W-2 for 2019. Join us to learn best practices for completing and reconciling the form, along with a box-by-box explanation.


Paying Overtime Under the FLSA: Part 2

Aired On (December 5, 2018) | Payroll

Penalties for overtime violations can be severe (including imprisonment!) so it’s crucial that these calculations are managed correctly. In Part 2 of this webinar, we’ll dive deeper into calculating overtime pay for nonexempt employees so you can learn more about how to approach this.


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