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We Set the Standard for Free, Accredited Payroll Webinars

Just ask our competitors, who regularly refer clients to our resources for accreditation and certification. After 30 years as an industry leader in HR software and technology, including Payroll, HR, Time, Talent, and Recruiting,we’re your best educational resource for live and on-demand free payroll webinars. Here, HR and payroll professionals like you can register for recertification hours from the APA. Join us today.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Calculating Overtime in 2021: How to Get it Right Every Time

August 23, 2021 | Payroll

This webinar discusses how to calculate overtime under the FLSA rules for nonexempt employees. Includes definitions of overtime and calculation examples.

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On-Demand Webinars

Untangling Multi State Payroll Reporting Complexities

Aired On (July 29, 2021) | Payroll

The course, led by Ronii Rizzo, will look to “untangle” the complexities around when and how to report to non-resident states and when to withhold and remit state and local taxes.

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Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments: What Payroll Must Know to Stay in Compliance

Aired On (July 26, 2021) | Payroll

This webinar concentrates on processing garnishments in the payroll department other than child support. It covers the federal rules for creditor garnishments, the IRS rules for federal tax levies, the various aspects of state tax levies, the key points for processing state creditor garnishments, how to handle voluntary wage assignments such as payday loans and student loans.

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Archived Webinars

For education purposes only, no longer eligible for APA credits.

Time & Attendance Payroll Fraud

Aired On (May 27, 2021) | Payroll

In this hour, the different methods by which an employee might abuse a time and attendance system will be identified and discussed, as well as best practices for prevention.


Wage and Hour Compliance in 2021

Aired On (April 8, 2021) | Payroll

Join Vicki M. Lambert, CPP as she helps you to understand federal and state wage and hour requirements that must be followed in the payroll department for 2021.


Streamlining Payroll Operations and Efficiencies

Aired On (March 24, 2021) | Payroll

In this session we talk about the many ways that companies can stay compliant, streamline payroll operations, and optimize efficiency. We’ll share best practices and current trends to help improve your overall payroll operations and keep things running smoothly.


Maximize Operational Efficiency with Your Workforce Management Strategy

Aired On (March 23, 2021) | HR

In this webinar, we will talk about ways to improve your company's overall operational efficiency in leveraging data analytics that can be found through technology, like a time system.


Payroll Tax Nexus 2021: Impacts on Organizations as a Result of Remote Work

Aired On (February 25, 2021) | Payroll

This session will explore the U.S. payroll tax impact to employers and employees in response to the increase in telework as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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