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HR Webinar: Unraveling HR Investigations: They don’t have to be a mystery

Aired live on Tuesday April 21st, 2020

One of the core HR functions is investigating employee misconduct. We investigate harassment, employee misconduct, and even poor bathroom habits. So, what’s the best way to conduct an investigation? How do we determine who to interview? What technology should we review? Can we tell people to keep quiet about an investigation? Hear from an experienced investigator on what makes a good investigation, when to find someone else to do the investigation, and what to do after an investigation.

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What you will learn

  • Where to begin with investigations
  • Basic investigation techniques and strategies
  • Understand compliance concerns in investigations
  • Develop planning for future investigations
  • Hear some examples of investigations
  • See how technology ties into investigations

Get to know the speaker

Kate Bischoff

Kate Bischoff is an overly enthusiastic, sarcastic, and opinionated management-side employment attorney and human resources professional. She works closely with management, HR folk, and technology companies to improve organizations and make it easier to recruit and retain talent through having easy-to-understand policies, easy-to-use technology, and easy-to-explain compliance initiatives. Prior to starting her own business, Kate served as the HR Officer for Consulate General Jerusalem and U.S. Embassy Lusaka, Zambia. Kate has been recognized by The New York Times,, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Public Radio, and other journalistic sources as a leading authority on harassment, technology in the workplace, and employment law.

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HR Webinar: Unraveling HR Investigations: They don’t have to be a mystery from Ascentis


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