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HR Webinar: Ho, Ho, Ho My Goodness: Compliance Review for Year-End 2019

Aired live on Thursday December 12th, 2019

We, in HR, have some unique holiday traditions. Sometime between the turkey and cranberries, and the mistletoe and gift wrapping, our thoughts turn to compliance, and how our responsibilities may be changing at the first of the coming year. In this session, we will review the rather impressive list of HR, Benefits and Payroll-related changes coming our way in January 2020.

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What you will learn

  • TFLSA changes: this time it looks real
  • EEO-1 Component 2 reporting – an update
  • Minimum wage changes – almost half the states are updating – and localities too!
  • State-level ACA reporting: it’s a real “thing” and it’s new for 2020
  • The CCPA: Are you ready to comply with the tightest state data privacy law yet?
  • Expiring laws: what’s going away is as important as what’s arriving

Get to know the speaker

Bob Greene

Bob Greene currently serves as Senior HR Industry Analyst at Ascentis. Bob’s 40 years in the human capital management industry have been spent in practitioner, consultant and vendor/partner roles. As practitioner, he managed payroll for a 5,000-person bank in New Jersey. As consultant, he spent 8 years advising customers in HRMS, and payroll and benefits system design as well as acquisition strategies. Bob also built a strategic HCM advisory practice for Xcelicor (later acquired by Deloitte Consulting.)

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HR Webinar: Ho, Ho, Ho My Goodness: Compliance Review for Year-End 2019 from Ascentis

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