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HR Webinar: The Affordable Care Act Turns 10 Years Old: Where to From Here?

Aired live on Monday March 23rd, 2020

As an HR professional, always busy with a hundred other people priorities at your company, it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing laws in the health insurance industry, and specifically, the ACA. With the law predicted to head to the Supreme Court soon for the third review of its fundamental constitutionality, receiving real-time updates becomes even more important. See what has changed in the ACA, looking at where it started to where it is now in this webinar!

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What you will learn

  • The status quo ante: reminding ourselves what health insurance looked like 10 years ago
  • The ACA “from 30,000 feet”: A strategic mix of regulations for three distinct stakeholder groups
  • History of challenges to the law: this 10-year old can defend itself!
  • Recent changes to the law: administrative law, executive orders and state response
  • The future of the ACA: It’s an election year, after all…
  • Ongoing employer responsibilities and how Ascentis can help

Get to know the speaker

Bob Greene

Bob Greene currently serves as Senior HR Industry Analyst at Ascentis. Bob’s 40 years in the human capital management industry have been spent in practitioner, consultant and vendor/partner roles. As practitioner, he managed payroll for a 5,000-person bank in New Jersey. As consultant, he spent 8 years advising customers in HRMS, and payroll and benefits system design as well as acquisition strategies. Bob also built a strategic HCM advisory practice for Xcelicor (later acquired by Deloitte Consulting.)

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