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We Set the Standard for Free, Accredited HR Webinars

Just ask our competitors, who regularly refer clients to our resources for accreditation and certification. After 30 years as an industry leader in HR software and technology, we’re your best educational resource for live and on-demand free HR webinars. Here, HR professionals like you can register for recertification hours from the HRCI or professional development credits from SHRM. Join us today.

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Preparing for the Future of Work

March 5, 2020 | HR

Laura Goodrich provides the tools and roadmap for you, your organization, and your team members to rewire old habits of thinking and develop a new thinking process primed for innovation and success.

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On-Demand Webinars

Learning Management: Building the Business Case

Aired On (February 11, 2020) | HR

In this session, we will review the latest trends and best practices in LMS deployment, assign monetary value to the payback curves and more.

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2020 Compliance Kick-Off

Aired On (January 23, 2020) | HR

HR compliance update is essential for keeping up with ever-changing laws and regulations. Start 2020 confident you can handle the questions from supervisors, employees, and corporate leaders about employment law changes.

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Ho, Ho, Ho My Goodness: Compliance Review for Year-End 2019

Aired On (December 12, 2019) | HR

We, in HR, have some unique holiday traditions. Sometime between the turkey and cranberries, and the mistletoe and gift wrapping, our thoughts turn to compliance, and how our responsibilities may be changing at the first of the coming year. In this session, we will review the rather impressive list of HR, Benefits and Payroll-related changes coming our way in January 2020.

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The Art of Corporate Clapback

Aired On (November 14, 2019) | HR

A “clapback” is responding to criticism with a withering comeback. We see company’s like Wendy’s, Sanofi and Netflix regularly engage online this way to protect, promote and preserve themselves. The Art of the Corporate Clapback teaches employers how to manage their online reputation and respond to negativity while maintaining dignity and authenticity. Join Sarah Morgan for this webinar to define your company’s online voice and prepare your corporate clapback arsenal.

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Benefits Update: 2020 Open Enrollment Considerations

Aired On (October 24, 2019) | HR

As we enter the busy Open Enrollment season for 2020 coverage, as a professional community, we face more uncertainty than in any year in recent memory. In this session, we’ll review some key and late-breaking developments benefits professionals need to know!

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Five Action Steps to a Better, More Positive Work Culture

Aired On (September 25, 2019) | HR

Happy and engaged employees are committed to and passionate about the work they do, resulting in better performance and lower turnover.

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Open Enrollments from an Employer Perspective

Aired On (August 27, 2019) | HR

Human Resource professionals and employers report that open enrollment is a stressful time and the resources are strained during the open enrollment period.

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The New EEO-1 Component 2 Reporting Requirement: Are You Ready?

Aired On (August 21, 2019) | HR

The EEOC announced on July 15, 2019 that the EEO-1 Component 2 reporting portal is now open, and approx. 1.6 million employers are required to complete this reporting by September 30, 2019.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of FMLA

Aired On (July 30, 2019) | HR

Finding balance between the rights of the employee, fairness, caring, and business needs feels like a never-ending tightrope walk with no equilibrium.

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The Talent Inversion: Upcoming Challenges Facing All Employers

Aired On (June 20, 2019) | HR

The impact of the imbalance in employment “supply and demand” cannot be ignored. In this session, we’ll review the key defensive talent-management actions employers must take to thrive in the talent inversion.

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Technology Opens New Paths for HR and Business

Aired On (May 30, 2019) | HR

Technology is EVERYWHERE! We see it in our work, in our personal lives, and certainly in HR. But can technology help HR guide and align the workforce to organization goals? Join us for a look into the trending technologies that are allowing HR to build new paths to workforce development and engagement.

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Gender Pay Equity: The Time is Now

Aired On (April 11, 2019) | HR

This presentation will uncover the implications of April 2, 2019, otherwise known as “Equal Pay Day,” the specific date this year when the average man in the United States could start work and earn the same amount by December 31 as the average woman, in the same job, who had worked all year long.

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Immigration Changes and the Impact to Employers: 2018-2019

Aired On (March 28, 2019) | HR

The primary changes in work visa and immigration policy have been via Executive Action, and in this session, we’ll review the substantial movement on that front.

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HR Professional’s Role in Managing Leave of Absence

Aired On (March 26, 2019) | HR

Requests for leaves of absence rank among the most frequently encountered challenges faced by the HR professional because employers must contend with a patchwork of employee-friendly statutes, including federal, state and local leaves – it’s important to understand how these leaves coordinate because they often contain overlapping and sometimes conflicting employee rights and employer obligations.

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OSHA Reporting and Employee Record-Keeping

Aired On (March 2, 2019) | HR

With the annual OSHA 300A reporting deadline of March 2, 2019 fast approaching, which health and safety record keeping and reporting requirements remain for employers of various sizes, and how can we best comply with them?

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