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March 3, 2020 | Human Resources | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

The Ultimate Guide to Buying HR Software

Shopping for new business software is a challenge no matter what area you’re focusing on. Call us biased, but we think buying a new human resources software system is a particularly tricky task. After all, your team of HR professionals impacts virtually every aspect of your operation and serves as the key conduit between employee and employer. From that perspective, investing in a high-quality suite of HR software is a must, especially in a field where so many professionals are still relying on manual-entry spreadsheets, outdated software, and even paper-based filing systems 

But how do you choose an HR software solution that best suits your company’s specific needs? While there are any number of internal and external factors that play a role in that decision, there are also plenty of fairly universal considerations. To that end, Ascentis has assembled a helpful HR Software Buyer’s Guide spotlighting some of the key features any HR team should look for while shopping for their next upgrade. Whether you’re actively in the market or just want a refresher on the latest in HR software functionality, we think your human resources management operations can benefit from giving it a look.

From retaining your best talent to managing employee records to improving open enrollment, here are just a few of the ways upgrading your HR solutions can benefit your business.

  • Increasing employee engagement: By putting more functionality in the hands of employees and managers, your HR software can help create a more engaged and empowered work environment. A robust software solution will empower employees with strong communication and feedback tools.
  • Reducing turnover: Turnover and attrition are major concerns in just about every industry, and an inefficient HR system only makes them harder to solve. An up-to-date, automated HR system increases employee contentment by improving communication, smoothing out existing pain points, and resolving issues in a fair and timely fashion.
  • Improving compliance: There is no shortage of regulations focused on HR operations like benefits, hiring practices, training and certification, employment eligibility and many more. Staying on top of all of those areas can seem like a full-time job. A quality HR software system can automate many if not all of these processes, protecting your company’s reputation and keeping your certifications up to date.
  • Streamlining records management: Employee data entry and management systems eats up a huge portion of the average HR team’s day. Entering info into spreadsheets, searching for relevant documents, updating personal data – it all adds up. Your HR software system should be able to automate many of these day-to-day tasks, making it easier to evaluate employee performance while freeing up team members to tackle items that make better use of their skill sets.
  • Improving open enrollment: Many HR departments dread open enrollment season, and for good reason. There are a lot of pressures and demands spread across registering and educating employees and keeping accurate records. Finding an HR suite that includes benefits administration can take much of the hassle out of open enrollment, easing the burden on your HR team and giving employees more control over their own work situations.
  • Increasing efficiency: A surprising number of HR departments are stuck in the early days of the connected workplace, relying on unwieldy, outdated, and inaccurate systems to manage key HCM processes. Upgrading to an automated HR software system allows you to streamline many of your most time-consuming functions, as well as collecting insightful data, generating useful reports, and developing key metrics and performance indicators.

As we noted before, every business has its own unique HR requirements and its own definition of success. That said, our new buyer’s guide should offer strong insights into what makes a great HR platform for just about any company, including tips for building a road map to HR success, choosing the right software vendor for your needs, getting the right stakeholders involved in your decision, and implementing your new system when the time comes. Download the buyer’s guide today and start exploring all the ways an HR software system upgrade can change the way your organization does human capital management.

For more information, including a road map for success, download our HR buyer's guide.

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