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August 31, 2010 | HRIS | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

The More You Know

Some of you may recognize the phrase "The More You Know" as the NBC public service campaign tagline prevalent in TV advertising for the last 20 or so years.  Its purpose? To educate the public, raise awareness on important issues and inspire Americans to take action.

One of the things that we at Ascentis pride ourselves on is the many years of HR and Payroll experience that our staff brings to our clients.  We understand their needs because we've been in their shoes.  We continue to know what we know because we stay abreast of current workforce management issues and update our product offering to be flexible and customizable to create solutions for the changes that arise with our ever-changing workforce. One of the ways we stay ahead of the game is to read a good number of industry blogs daily.  This post compiles our 10 most favorite workforce management related blogs that we want to share with you, kind of like our own personal "The More You Know" PSA for human capital management.

  1. HR Tests: Written by Bryan Baldwin, an HR consultant in Olympia, Wash., this blog has timely news of laws, regulations, products and conferences concerning testing and assessment instruments.
  2. The Human Capital Blog: Written by Brian Cork, a well known HCM recruiter and coach.
  3. Rehaul: This blog is written by Lance Haun, an HR professional who writes a full spectrum of articles— from recruitment and team building to training and development and employee relations.
  4. Evil HR Lady: Written anonymously by “an HR professional in a Fortune 500 company,” this blog is a great example of an HR professional who has lived what you don't want to. At times, full of biting wit, and other times delivering valuable lessons, you'll find yourself half laughing, and perhaps half recognizing yourself here.
  5. Chief Happiness Officer: Consultant Alexander Kjerulf teaches HR departments and entrepreneurs how to turn their company's frown upside down.
  6. Workplace Prof Blog: Workplace Prof Blog is written by a team of law school professors who cover everything from Employment Law, to Employment Discrimination, to Labor Law, to Benefits, and more.
  7. Punk Rock Human Resources: Laurie Ruettimann is a punk rock HR pro with Fortune 500 experience. She writes and speaks openly (very openly) about business trends, employment, Corporate America, and opting-out of the rat race.
  8. Gruntled Employees: Gruntled Employees looks at how to keep employees gruntled. Employer advocate and counsel Jay Shepherd leads the discussion.
  9. HR Marketer: HR Marketer is a blog for companies who sell products or services to human resource executives.
  10. Human Capital League: An online community for workplace management professionals and others interested in the best practices of training and development, employee benefits, recruiting, payroll and the many other people-related functions that keep the wheels of commerce turning smoothly.

What blogs do you read (besides ours, of course) that keep you ahead of the pack? Send us your comments and blog recommendations.

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