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March 15, 2011 | HR Compliance | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

Tax Help for Small Businesses from the IRS

The IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center, available on the IRS website, offers extensive resources and online tools designed to help small businesses and self-employed persons. Among the information and resources available on the website are:

  • Small business forms and publications
  • Employer Identification Number online application
  • Employment tax information– federal income tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes, FUTA and self-employment tax
  • Tax-related news that could affect your business
  • Small business educational events
  • IRS videos for small businesses (like the one embedded at the bottom of this post)
  • A-Z Index for Business– find information fast using the A-Z listing

The site provides important tax information for all stages of owning a business. Other resources available on the IRS website include the following:

The IRS Video Portal: Learn about tax topics through video and audio presentations. The video portal contains archived versions of live panel discussions, archived webinars, video clips, and audio archives of national phone forums.

IRS Audits Video Series: "Your Guide to an IRS Audit" takes the viewer through the steps of an audit from notification to closing. The video series is composed of scenarios that demonstrate the stages of each type of audit: correspondence, office and field. The scenarios address issues that are common to audits of small businesses.

Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop: An interactive resource to help small business owners learn about their federal tax rights and responsibilities. The workshop contains nine stand-alone lessons that can be selected and viewed in any sequence. The workshop is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer. It can also be ordered

on CD.

Tax Calendar for Small Business Taxpayers: This 12-month calendar is filled with information on general business taxes, IRS and Social Security Administration customer assistance, electronic filing and paying options, retirement plans, business publications and forms, and common tax filing dates. Each page highlights different tax issues and tips that may be relevant to small-business owners, with room on each month to add notes, state tax dates or business appointments. You can also download the tax events into your calendar or subscribe to the tax calendar events.

To access the IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center, please click here.


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