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June 30, 2010 | Benefits Management | Posted by Les Goldstein

How To Make Open Enrollment a Positive Experience

We are shortly approaching the “dreaded” open enrollment season where employees are asked to make important benefits decisions for the upcoming year. Traditionally, this has been a time of great stress for the HR department as it requires a huge increase in work with no additional staff. With the continually rising medical costs over the past ten years, this has also placed a great deal of stress on employees as they need to manage a myriad of decisions relating to:

  • Medical and dental plan choices that will best meet their needs as it relates to coverage, deductibles and shared costs.
  • Flexible spending accounts that allow them to pay in pre-tax dollars for medical costs that are not covered.
  • Dependent care, transportation and other expenses that can be paid for in pre-tax dollars.

All these enrollment decisions have become more difficult as the complexity of available options increase. But there is now an easier way to manage enrollment, and many firms have already started to use this process. This time-saving service is known as online, or Web-based, enrollment. This capability allows employees to get on a computer at home or in the office, and by way of  the Internet enroll in the benefits of their choice. Here are just a few of the many advantages of online enrollment:

  • Saves money.
  • Employees and their families can easily look at all the plans and options in one easy to access location at any time.
  • Many questions are answered online with no need to tie-up an HR resource.
  • Employees like the ease of use, and it gives them an empowered work experience.
  • Minimizes expensive and time consuming errors (this is particularly true if there is an electronic interface to the insurance carriers).

Make your next open enrollment season a positive experience! Ascentis specializes in easy-to-use online tools that make the enrollment process virtually paperless. Ascentis Self-Service pushes out enrollment options and documentation to employees, and then transmits that data electronically to insurance carriers. This process saves time, allows HR to monitor the enrollment process closely, and accurately provides information to carriers.