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April 19, 2018 | Time and Attendance | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

How Does a Time and Attendance System Improve Efficiency in the Workplace?

Time and attendance systems track employees’ worked hours, then exports these hours for payroll processing. As employees punch in and out, the system automatically calculates the hours worked along with associated pay, overtime, and accruals. This streamlines the payroll process and eliminates human error, resulting in correct paychecks each and every pay period.

Additionally, a time and attendance system enables an organization to analyze employee performance. This helps management achieve an understanding of workplace efficiency and can also be useful in times of employee appraisal or promotion.

Time and attendance systems have been used businesses both large and small for tracking the efficiency of a workforce, employees’ adherence to attendance policies, and individual employee productivity. However, time and attendance systems not only help businesses grow, but they also benefit the employees as well.

Establish an Atmosphere of Productivity

Motivation and open communication are two major factors that contribute to the success of an organization. A time and attendance system motivates the workforce to adhere to attendance policies and encourages workers to punch in and out correctly in order to avoid any errors with their paycheck. Moreover, because objective data is available, employees can evaluate their own work patterns and look for the ways to improve their performance and contribute to the growth of an organization. By implementing a time and attendance system, a company can establish a workplace culture that includes accountability and productivity.

Establish Transparency

Time and attendance tracking lets employees know their strengths and weaknesses and thus recognize what to continue doing right and what areas need improvement. This also helps managers to begin conversations with their employees, with supporting data in hand.

Transparency also builds trust between a business and their clients by providing information on employee time spent working for the client and specific projects.

Time Management

Time tracking supports employees in managing and budgeting their time. Employees will know where they are spending their time and which tasks take the most time. From there, employees can budget their time accordingly to accommodate each and every essential project.

Avoid Human Error, Achieve Compliance

An automated time and attendance system benefits both employers and employees by streamlining time calculation and avoiding human error. Calculating manual timesheets is a time-consuming task, especially when there are errors that need to be rectified. Moreover, errors may open up a company to compliance issues. A complete time and attendance software tracks and highlights these errors, allowing adjustments to be made quickly and easily. This eliminates any complications that may arise between employees and employers in cases where inaccurate timesheets lead to incorrect paychecks.

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