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January 1, 2019 | Payroll Software | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

Government Shutdown: What Does That Mean for HR Professionals?

*Updated Jan 3, 2019

The federal government is on its second week of a partial shutdown and it’s unknown how long this will last and what it means for businesses in America. With the beginning of the year being so important to businesses and HR professionals, it’s important to know what processes may be affected by the shutdown. 

What does this mean for HR professionals as we ring in 2019?

Filing items such as ACA are currently not supported by most federal IRS and SSA systems. Starting January 15th the IRS will go live for filing. It’s important to be aware of the unavailability of these departments until this date. Keep in mind, this is specific to federal filings. If you are in a state that collects state income tax, the government shutdown should not affect your ability to file on the state level.

Some examples of items that are on hold during a shutdown:

  • Refunds
  • Manual collections
  • Audits and examinations
  • Call center support

However, remember that if you owe tax you are still expected to pay it. And here are a few of the other activities that will still be handled by the government during the shutdown: 

  • Handling and processing of returns with payments
  • E-Filing through the process of handling refunds
  • Creation and printing of tax forms
  • Running the IRS.Gov website

What should you do in the meantime?

Continue collecting your employee information and data, and ensure your information is up to date and ready to file when the shutdown is over—or when the federal government provides information about a plan for 2019. If you have a payment to make to the IRS you must do so on time or risk penalties when the government re-opens!

Contact your Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provider to ensure you have everything for your HR and Payroll ready to go.

How will you know when it’s ok to file?

Keep a close eye on national news sources regarding the shutdown. If you have an HR and/or Payroll solutions provider, they should be watching out for you and your company’s compliance with these filings. Partnering with a solutions provider that keeps a close eye on all government regulations and changes is crucial for businesses to ensure compliance at every turn. At Ascentis, we have temporarily shut down the ability to submit some filings until the January 15th date. This eliminates the ability for any accidental filings or mishaps to occur within all of Ascents’ clients.

The government shutdown affects every American and the companies in America. Unfortunately, we are all in the dark as to what this will mean in the long run. Fortunately, the IRS filings will be open January 15th and we are on the way to a resolution and Ascentis is looking out for you.

If you have questions on how your current Human Capital Management (HCM) solution can support you through the shutdown, reach out to your provider. If you don’t have an HCM provider or have a provider who doesn’t look out for your compliance needs, click here to contact Ascentis today to find out how we can relieve the stress of complicated government regulations and ensure you on the path to compliance.

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