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April 16, 2013 | Payroll Software | Posted by Ascentis

Customer Service In the Payroll Department?


Customer service isn't just the responsibility of a customer service representative -- it's the responsibility of everyone in the company! In her April 16th webinar, "Customer Service, Payroll Style," Vicki Lambert, the Payroll Advisor, helps explain the role of customer service in the payroll department.


WHAT is customer service?

Here's Vicki's working definition:


"A policy to ensure that customers receive what they need or want in an efficient manner to ensure they return use your product or service on a repeat basis."


WHO are the customers you serve?

The employees! You've got something they want, and they'll come back to get it (in a very efficient manner) on a repeat basis: their paycheck!


WHY is customer service important t0 a payroll department?

The purpose of customer service in payroll is to create an efficient and productive department. If productivity and efficiency is a part of your payroll department, then a customer service policy actually makes your job easier -- if the employees are getting their paychecks and other payroll information in a timely, orderly, and consistent fashion, then, as Vicki explains it, "It's going to save you time, save you hassle, avoid conflicts, and helps you communicate to your customers!"

WHEN is the right time for customer service in a payroll department?

All the time, of course! Vicki goes into detail about many different situations that call for exceptional customer service, but here's one example:


[caption id="attachment_2132" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Phone Calls The little things can save you time![/caption]


HOW should you implement a customer service policy in your payroll department?

Vicki suggests handling the area that you feel you're weakest in first, and then filing on down the line. Perhaps your email communication is lacking the service you feel is up to par? Attack that first. Put a plan into action amongst all employees in your department: maybe something like answering ALL emails within 12 hours of their arrival. After you've found that has begun happening consistently, move on to the next item.


If you'd like to watch all of Vicki's presentation from April 16th, you can watch it, and even download the slides from the show HERE.


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