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September 6, 2011 | HR Compliance | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

Avoiding Lawsuits and Mitigating Risk with an Applicant Tracking System

Now more than ever, it's crucial that employers maintain meticulous recruiting records.

Employment discrimination lawsuits are on the rise, and the government has increased its monitoring and enforcement of compliance issues with companies that work with federal contracts. If you get audited and don't have the ability to quickly and easily produce the required compliance documentation, you could experience substantial disruption in your business, possibly resulting in fines or other damages.

Just Google "Hiring Practice Lawsuit News", and you'll find hundreds of articles related to companies being sued for unfair or unlawful hiring practices, many of which may have resulted from failure to comply with EEOC regulations.  Human Resource managers and hiring managers have enough on their plate without having to also be well-versed in every aspect of EEOC regulations, which is why having an applicant tracking system is such a critical investment for any company.

Recruiters, hiring managers and human resources departments are under constant pressure to fill critical positions with the right people as quickly as possible, and that's where time and resources should be invested - not in worrying about compliance. But if you source candidates from various outlets, such as Internet job boards, social media and recruiting agencies, the risks that arise from poor recordkeeping grows on a daily basis.

Ascentis Recruiting applicant tracking system can protect you from compliance violations by collecting, warehousing and reporting on the records you will need to produce if you are audited. Ascentis Recruiting supports:

  • The fully automated collection and management of EEO data
  • The ability to define and clarify your hiring processes so all candidates are treated equally and fairly
  • OFCCP compliant resume mining, tracking and reporting
  • Affirmative Action compliance reporting

In addition, Ascentis Recruiting provides intelligence that will help you move beyond basic compliance management by delivering data that supports better business processes, such as:

  • Streamlining and automating your hiring practices
  • Upgrading your candidate pool
  • Creating greater efficiencies in sourcing strategies
  • Decreasing overall time-to-fill

And because Ascentis Recruiting software integrates with Ascentis HRIS and other systems, recruiting and onboarding data can be parsed to your core HR database and automatically and accurately shared with your payroll, self-service and timekeeping systems.

Watch our archived Ascentis Recruiting webinar today to learn more about Ascentis Recruiting, or fill out an online demo request form. We'd be happy to answer all of your questions around hiring practice compliance and automating your most critical HR and payroll processes with easy-to-use Ascentis software solutions.

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