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February 14, 2020 | Human Resources | Posted by Ascentis Thought Leadership

8 Ways to Show Your Employees Some Love

It’s that special time of year when candy hearts can be used to show appreciation for the important people in your life. Why not continue the positive spirit and bring it into your workplace? These 8 tips below can improve employee satisfaction and lead to better business outcomes. Grab a heart-shaped box of chocolates and let those endorphins, and these 8 tips, inspire new ways to make your employees fall in love with staying engaged at work.

Show your teams some love through these appreciation and employee engagement tactics.

Show employee recognition in different ways

Not everyone loves a big spotlight on them after they have crushed a task. Yet, they still deserve to be recognized. Ask your employees how they prefer to be recognized. This could be highlighting an accomplishment in a team meeting, telling them one-on-one or taking them out to lunch to celebrate. Spend some time to find out what works best to keep your employees highly engaged.

Encourage professional development

The day you stop learning is the day things become stagnant and it quickly shows in your work. Set the tone in the office with an environment that cultivates active learning and continuous personal and professional growth. Demonstrate to your employees you are willing to go the extra mile and provide the resources they need to succeed.

Give kudos

Encourage employees to give kudos to each other. Try setting aside time at your weekly team meeting for your employees to recognize each other for their accomplishments. Or put a box in the break room where employees can anonymously write down the “kudos” they want to give to their fellow, high performing employees - like exchanging valentines, but year-round!

Feed your employees

Food is the key to everyone’s heart, it just is. Make it a point to treat your employees to breakfast/lunch once a month, as you will see smiles all throughout the office. Feed their bellies, fill their hearts, fuel their minds. If you want to mix it up, coordinate a food truck to stop by on a nice summer day. Building in these unexpected perks leads to a better overall employee experience.

Perform random acts of kindness

Try grabbing coffee orders from your team before a long morning meeting or getting a baby gift for the expecting parent. If you notice an employee feeling down about something, take a walk around the office to separate from work and check in on them. According to this Forbes article, 96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention. Try to create a team where everyone feels an emotional commitment and looks out for each other.

Say “thank you” just because

A good old-fashioned thank you note can be all you need to make someone’s day. Like a simple Valentine’s Day card, these notes add a pep to anyone’s step. Your employees do great work all the time, so spend a bit of yours to tell them how well they complement your team or dominate at their work. Anything you can do to merely thank them for being them.

Implement office themed days

Everyone loves a good dress up day. Whether your office is bringing the 80’s back or showing some pride for their favorite sports teams, try designating a Friday every month for your employees to have fun with a theme day. Maybe order in a sweet snack or savory appetizer adhering to that theme. The day brings good fun to the office culture and provides an opportunity to get to know your coworkers better. Don’t forget to snap a picture!

Award your employees some hardware

For the employee that achieves the most sales or create the most units on a factory line, award them a trophy that they can display in the cubicle or work area. You can get creative with what it takes to earn a trophy and even have different trophies for different accomplishments that employees can strive to collect. This competitive spirit can help engage employees and help them be more enthusiastic about their work.


Your workplace is ever-evolving, as are the people in it. Be the office advocate that helps drive your employee experience forward. Try implementing a tip or two and remind people in the workplace of the simple daily tasks each could be doing to increase engagement from employees. You’ll find when you create an environment where everyone feels passionate about their work, engaged employees lead to more success. So, get on it and spread some employee-appreciation love!

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