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About Us

No one knows complex like we do

It’s that simple. Complexity is our specialty—the ever-evolving union laws, tax codes, regulatory rules and hourly rates. Keeping up is no easy task, which is why most workforce solutions can’t handle it. But we’ve been doing it for 30+ years. And we’ve spent the time and energy to get it right. 


Our full suite of workforce solutions can handle all your HR needs—especially for the hourly workforce. We’ll help keep you compliant and fine-free. We’ll keep everything running smoothly. The more demanding the work environment, the better.

A leading client-first mindset, with solutions to back it up

Integration capabilities from full suite to a-la-carte

Our deep, flexible capabilities let us integrate with anything you’re already using, then expand as desired using our full suite. Ranging from HR and payroll, solution is highly configurable. Choose to implement one, some, or all modules based on your needs and priorities. The Ascentis’ on-demand software suite integrates and automates HR and payroll processes.

All-in-one workforce management tool

Our industry-leading workforce management tool helps you control efficiency, cost and compliance. Ascentis elevates your workplace with capabilities like HR tools that manages all employee information and requires only a single point of data entry.

Dashboard data with actionable insights

Our easy-to-use dashboards showcase actionable insights in ways that best suit you and your team’s needs. The dashboard enables you to make data driven decisions for your company with customizable reports. Ascentis HRIS provides over 300 on-demand reports, point-in-time reports, and configurable fields to ensure you can provide the information you need on the fly.

“You-first” service model

Our unsurpassed service that puts you first, so nothing stands in the way of getting things done the way you want them done. It’s our mission to provide every client premium value with a uniquely tailored service model. Your Ascentis service team will include: a strategic dedicated account manager that gets to know your organization, your goals, and stays consistently engaged in your journey; a robust, responsive team of subject matter experts that problem-solve technical and process related issues; and an Ascentis executive sponsor, ensuring accountability and transparency at all times.


Hear from people in your shoes.


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See Ascentis in Action

Our tools are made with you and your unique needs in mind. The service we pair with those tools makes implementation smooth and cost-effective. Request a demo today to see how Ascentis will work for you.

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