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Online Benefits Enrollment

Online Leave Requests


System Requirements

How often do you hear these questions?

“What will it cost to add my daughter to my insurance plan?”
“I moved. How do I update my address?”
“Can I get a copy of my paycheck?
“How many vacation days do I have left? May I take next Friday off?”

Ascentis ESS gives employees immediate access to all their personal HR, benefits, and payroll information via the web. The simplicity of Ascentis ESS drastically reduces the call volume to the human resources department and lets HR focus on more strategic issues.

Ascentis ESS provides employees with access to the below information:

My Self allows employees to view and update their personal information (name, address, etc.) and emergency contact information.

My Last Paycheck makes it simple for employees to view their current paycheck online.

My Paycheck History lets employees easily run a paycheck history report.

My Direct Deposit makes it easy for employees to edit, add, or delete direct deposit information.

My Taxes give employees the ability to specify state and federal withholding information.

My Family is where employees can view and update their dependent information as well as enter life events.

My Benefits is where employees participate in new hire and online open enrollment. Upon HR approval, enrollment elections are applied to employee records and employees automatically receive an email detailing their choices. Employees can also view benefits summary, plan comparisons and plan documents, beneficiaries, 401(k) loans, stock options, and more.

My Time Off provides employees with a summary of their attendance balances and leave taken. Employees can submit leave requests from this page.

My Company contains the employee directory, employee detail with pictures, and organization charts. My Company can include links and documents to company-related information such as announcements, HR policy manuals, newsletters, special events, employee manuals, expense reports and more.

My Team allows employee managers to easily see who will be in or out of work at any given time via a calendar view.

Accurate and paperless online benefits enrollment
The amount of paperwork generated in traditional benefits enrollment is staggering. Ascentis ESS allows you to conduct open enrollment online, thus eliminating the cumbersome and inaccurate paper process.

Online leave requests ensure leave is taken and accounted for
Using Ascentis ESS, employees can easily determine their vacation availability (from any point-in-time) and request leave online. With online leave:

▪ Managers receive an email from their employees when they request time off. If the manager
happens to be out of the office or unable to acknowledge the request, the email will
automatically be forwarded to another decision maker in their absence.
▪ A calendar view lets managers easily see who will be in or out of work at any given time. This
makes it easy for to approve/reject leave requests accordingly.
▪ One time off requests are approved both HROffice and payroll systems will be updated to
reflect the leave taken.

Innovative employee communication
Employee Correspondence Wizard (ECW) opens up lines of communication between HR and employees. The ECW provides HR administrators with a tool to quickly and efficiently communicate with individuals or groups of employees via emails and letters in the form of a mail/e-mail process. All correspondence is recorded in an employee’s record for easy reference.

Easy to install and extremely secure
Security is of vital importance to Ascentis ESS and privacy of the information stored in the database is maintained at all times. Ascentis ESS is based on the latest in Microsoft technologies and deploys “Verify Me” technology and invitation-based access with special consideration for kiosks.


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