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Software Advice Reviews of Ascentis


MSS delivers data for better decisions

Ascentis Manager Self-Service (MSS) enhances the management decision making process. MSS offers full workflow capabilities via the HR department that define flexible, customizable approval processes and automated e-mail communications. Quickly and easily access pertinent employee information from anywhere in the world, any time of day. Analyze multiple employees and compare, allowing for more equity in the decision making process. Communications are simplified with automated emails, alerts, and workflows.

MSS makes managing ... more manageable

  • Company leave calendar and time sheet information enables managers to allocate resources effectively.
  • Compa-ratio metrics and salary modeling tools assist managers in gauging the organizational and budgetary implications of their decisions.
  • Workflow capabilities allow HR to create flexible approval processes that conform to company guidelines.
  • Managers can view and edit user defined tabs – such as assets, training, certifications and more. Ascentis HR’s user-defined tabs allow for limitless customization – so you can customize your tabs to your specific needs.


  • Managers can initiate terminations, using our Termination Checklist. The list includes HR defined instructions, and a workflow for all parties involved in the termination, from management forward.
  • HR staff can view and take action on all manager initiated changes.
  • Every workflow action in manager self-service triggers an automated email to involved approvers.
  • When managers add comments, everyone in the process is fully informed.
  • Employees are instantly notified when an action is taken on their leave requests, in real time.

Company leave information is just one click away with the MSS Leave Calendar.


  • UI is simple, clean, and easy to navigate.
  • Role-based security means that users only view and change what they should.
  • Reduce administrative workload while retaining oversight on HR related business decisions.
  • HR is freed to take their place at the table and take on strategic organizational issues.
  • Never miss an assigned task.
Changes are routed based on company defined guidelines.

Take a closer look at this employee management software module and you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to use, and how much time it will save your HR staff and management teams. Managers and employees will love how much faster they can see the information they need, and how well they can communicate requests.

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