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Social Media Madness: HR Can Be an Effective Referee


We first wrote about employers needing a social media policy back in 2010 (read the post here) and it’s a topic that our customers often ask for advice on. This is one of the reasons we decided it was very important to offer a “for credit” webinar on the topic of social media in the workplace.


Our webinar on 3/13/12 titled “Social Media Madness: HR Can Be an Effective Referee” covered quite a range of information. From the history of social media as it has changed our everyday workplace culture, to employment related legalities, all the way through policy recommendations, this 60 minute for-credit webinar offered a breadth of information.


As promised during the webinar Q&A this is a follow up blog post with additional information on sample social media policies.


It can difficult at best for employers to develop, from scratch, a social media policy that protects the employer, empowers the employee, doesn’t get in the way of building an employer/employee relationship, and still helps to engage a company’s community and keep a brand strong.


Let’s start with an infographic on social media in the workplace.

(Infographic is from See the original here.)

According to Social Media Today, there are a few standard components one should consider when writing a social media policy. The information below can be found in the original article on their site.


Here are the things to consider when developing a social media policy:

1. Why do you have a social media policy?

2. What is social media?

3. Which social media and networks are we talking about?

4. To whom does the policy apply?

5. How can an employee access to social media?

6. Definition of Terms (strict policy vs. guideline)


We also recommend you read this article in the National Law Review which covers “Social Media in the Workplace: NLRB Offers Guidance for ALL Employers on Offensive Posts and Social Media Policies”. Click hereto read SHRM’s sample social media policies.

(Disclaimer: You must be a SHRM member to login and read this policy).


Additionally, here are some public social media policies from some well known companies and government agencies that can also serve as excellent examples:



For a really full list of real-life examples of corporate social media policies, click here. To watch a recorded version of the Ascentis webinar “Social Media Madness: HR Can Be an Effective Tool”, click here.


Social Media is here to stay. Watch this video on the Social Media Revolution for more facts:


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