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Information to help HR and payroll managers, recruiters, and compliance officers become more effective.

Ascentis Blog - Information to help HR and payroll managers, recruiters, and compliance officers become more effective.

Find a Human Capital Management Partner, Not just a Vendor


One of the most common compliments we hear from our customers is that Ascentis offers some of the best customer support in the industry. We perform biannual customer surveys to ensure that we’re providing the best support possible and we’re very proud of our average score of 9 our 10 for customer support


In fact, in this case study, Leslie Hoerle, payroll manager for world renowned cosmetics retailer Bare Escentuals, shares that “I wanted to establish a strong relationship with our payroll partner, and I was pleasantly surprised that they, in turn, wanted a strong business partnership with me”.


A number of customers feel the same way as Bare Escentual’s payroll manager, Leslie Hoerle. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s video customer testimonial below speaks to this very issue.




Aside from excellent support, it’s essential to find a business partner who addresses issues and concerns the moment they arise, and one that can easily customize and make changes to your system so that it is finely tuned to meet each individual client’s needs.


Among many other functions, an organizations payroll department is responsible for gathering time and attendance information, maintaining compliance, ensuring all employees of every time are paid in time and accurately, and ensuring that errors do not occur. Under this daily, even hourly, pressure, many payroll professionals find themselves fighting with their current payroll solution to meet extraordinary deadlines while still meeting the needs of the company’s senior executives, human resources, and employees.


If you’re tired of wishing your payroll vendor was more a partner to your business here are some crucial questions you should be asking:


  1. Is the system flexible and customizable based on my company’s exact needs?
  2. Will my IT department have to host the software on our local servers?
  3. Will periodic software upgrades cost me downtime?
  4. Am I guaranteed security, uptime, backups and disaster recovery?
  5. How long will my implementation take? Weeks? Months?
  6. How will I get my “old data” into the new system?
  7. Will my new partner listen to me and provide upgrades based on my needs, my personal experience with the product, and my recommendations?
  8. Will my new partner charge extra for what should be included? Can I expect that I’ll know in advance what my monthly bill will look like?
  9. Will my new partner quote one price and then allow project “scope creep” to inflate the cost of implementation?

If you’re interested in finding out how we treat our customers as partners, and how our payroll software can make your payroll department more effective, you can watch our complimentary archived webinar “Are You Ready for a Better Payroll Solution”. It lasts just under one hour, and will give you a better idea of how Ascentis creates successful business partnerships with its customers.

If you’d like more information give us a call at 800.229.2713 or send us an email.

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