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Experience total control of an in-house payroll solution with the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Ascentis Payroll is a Web-based, Internet payroll system that allows you to process payroll in real-time, ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control. With live processing and instantaneous auditing, Ascentis Payroll can reduce payroll processing time by as much as 30%. Real-time synchronization with Ascentis HR, interfacing capabilities with your general ledger and time and attendance systems, and robust reporting bring you the answer to your toughest payroll processing problems.

Our online payroll processing software stands out from traditional payroll systems by providing instant payroll processing. Real-time payroll processing allows you to evaluate your payroll before creating checks rather than having to correct mistakes after the fact. Run payroll anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you need to in order to ensure 100% accuracy.   

There is no need to transmit data to a processing center, no need to wait for the processing to be completed, no batch uploads and no transmission windows.

Ascentis Payroll is an online web-based payroll processing system that delivers accuracy and efficiency.

Is Shopping for a new payroll system an intimidating process?
Have you been burned by bad implementation experiences in the past?

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What to Look For When Evaluating a Payroll System


Online, Internet payroll processing service

It's not just the robust interface, or the easy Wizard driven software that our customers love. They love our high level of service, the security of our online payroll processing, the cost savings they experience, the full integration with the Ascentis software suite and easy integration other third-party systems. See for yourself what our customers have to say about Ascentis.

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Reaping the Benefits of SaaS Payroll Processing.

Secure online payroll processing gives you peace of mind

The same technology that is used to secure sensitive information at banks and other financial institutions is used to ensure that your payroll data is safe and secure. All data communicated between the user’s PC and Ascentis online payroll Web servers are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. Network security infrastructure includes Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems and firewalls, to prevent and protect against any sophisticated hostile attacks. Every user is assigned a unique login and a secure password, and comprehensive permission settings allow complete control over what each user is allowed to do. In addition, detailed audit logs track all activity so that there is an audit trail of what changes are made, when, and by whom.

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