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Web-based HR software/HRIS that makes human resource processes easier

Imagine what life would be like without piles of paper and multiple filing cabinets. What if you no longer spent hours upon hours gathering data from various sources and trying to build spreadsheets and pie charts that accurately reflect the data that is intended to support the major decisions of helping your company?

What if you could help your company and employees maintain efficiency and compliance? What if you could spend your days easily processing data kept in one place, and driving decisions based on that data? What if the time and money saved finally freed you to become a more strategic partner to the executive team managing your company? And what if you could help your company go farther and be more successful?

Imagine an easy-to-use and simple to understand web-based tool that helps you manage your employee lifecycle from hire to retirement. Pretend for a second that you use this tool to find and hire the best employees for your company, and that its deeply robust management tools, wizards and workflows allow you to do everything that an HR department needs to do and still have time left in the day to make your company a better place to work.

Imagine a system so intelligent that it could save your company tens of thousands of dollars a year automating the processes you handle either manually or not optimally every day and still allowed you to easily create reports around that data without rummaging through multiple data sources or an ineffective system. Imagine a web-based system that required no support from your IT department, but still provided high level security, keeping your company’s data safe. What if you had a system so effective that you were able to run an efficient organization that gave you motivated, excited employees?

Imagine no more. There is such a tool, and it's called Ascentis HR

From the beginning, Ascentis has strived to be different. We built our software with the end user in mind. Our software is wizard driven, giving you simple steps to automate complex processes. We automate communication, keeping managers in front of employees’ needs. We have 300+ reports within Ascentis HR, plus the ability to create unlimited custom reports, giving you extremely deep access to your employee data.

Increase the efficiency of HR and payroll management by using an on-demand HRIS:

  • Improve data accuracy, integrity and security.
  • Integrate business systems to consolidate functions.
  • Educate HR and payroll staff and the end-users of self-service systems how to optimally utilize the programs that are put in place.
  • Automate processes to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and make HR managers more strategic.

HR management software to assist with recruiting and hiring

Ascentis HR is fully integrated with Ascentis Payroll, Ascentis Timekeeper, and with Ascentis Recruiting, bringing data from the hiring processes into Ascentis HR at time of hire eliminating extra data gathering steps that can slow down the process, create errors and cost labor time. Additionally, Ascentis Recruiting helps you build a pool of qualified candidates for future hires, and documents your recruiting processes for EEO compliance.

Oversee and control

Once a candidate becomes part of your workforce, begin managing them on day one with Ascentis HR. Candidates can be sent a first day of work, email that includes a link, login and password to self-service directing them to the new hire paperwork, benefits enrollment and more. Want a new employee to watch introductory or training videos? Read and sign off on an employee manual? Document key cards, computer equipment, uniforms or cell phones? You can do that, and much more, with self service. And it is all integrated with Ascentis HR, to make the HR department’s job easier, making the entire team more effective, and saving the company time and money. Learn more about all the features and benefits of Ascentis HR.

Human resource software to help you analyze and decide

Ascentis HR provides over 300 standard reports that allow you analyze your employee data and act upon it accordingly. We have multiple reports in the following areas:

  - Attendance - Review and bonuses - Employment reports
  - Benefits - Personal employee data - OSHA
  - Compensation - COBRA - Self-service
      - Sarbanes-Oxley

In using a system where the data is all stored in one place, you can rest assured the data accuracy will allow you and your management team to make the best possible decisions for your workforce, your company, and its future.

Meaningful insights into organizational trends

The innovative Ascentis user interface makes HR teams more strategic by framing data, actions, and analytics into the context of organizational strategy and objectives that can be achieved by monitoring key metrics. New available analytics include turnover percentage by review rating, headcount by age range, salary ranges by review rating, and more. The business insight Ascentis delivers provides a deeper, more meaningful vision into employee data, thus improving decision making and strategic development planning for both the HR and executive teams.

Ascentis HR features an intuitive user-centered interface that makes it easy to conduct a more thorough analysis of employee data, allowing for a more thoughtful and strategic decision making process.  

Easy implementation

Our software is easy to implement and easy to use. It’s that simple. Most human resource software is difficult to implement, sometimes taking up to 6-9 months for a complete implementation. Ascentis can implement its HRIS software in approximately three weeks. Our implementation process provides every client with a statement of work, showing every step of the schedule and who is involved in each step of the process. We’ve got our implementation processes (some might say) down to a science. And we’re very serious about keeping our clients in the loop and every process on time.

Let Ascentis show you how easy our software is to implement and use, and how much time it will save HR staff managing your company’s workforce, from hire to retirement. We’d love the opportunity to show you how you can have a more streamlined HR team and how it can positively affect every member of your company.

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