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Software Advice Reviews of Ascentis


HR software / HRIS saves time and increases efficiency and accuracy for businesses of all sizes

Automating core HR processes with powerful and intuitive HR software has many business benefits, including:

  • The elimination of errors in employee data
  • The elimination of redundancy in HR processes, no more "dual data entry"
  • The reliability of one standardized system of record that can be consulted for all employee data centrally warehoused
  • The availability of historical employee information that can be reported on quickly and easily
  • The ability to create and manage many benefits plans
  • Managing job and organizational information
  • Tracking and reporting on assets and processes that are unique to every business
  • Reduced total cost of ownership through fixed-pricing plans and low-to-no implementation fees
  • And much more


Ascentis HR / HRIS software is wizard-driven and very intuitive, and walks the user through simple steps so complex processes can be automated and reported on. Ascentis automates communication, keeping managers in front of employees’ needs. We have 300+ standard reports within Ascentis HR, plus the ability to create unlimited custom reports, giving you extremely deep access to your employee data.

Meaningful insights into organizational trends

The innovative Ascentis user interface makes HR teams more strategic by framing data, actions, and analytics into the context of organizational strategy and objectives that can be achieved by monitoring key metrics. Ascentis analytics include turnover percentage by review rating, headcount by age range, salary ranges by review rating, and more. The business insight Ascentis delivers provides a deeper, more meaningful vision into employee data, thus improving decision making and strategic development planning for both the HR and executive teams.

Oversee and control

Once a candidate becomes part of your workforce, you can begin managing them on Day One with Ascentis HR. New employees can be sent an email that includes a link, login and password to self-service directing them to new hire paperwork, benefits enrollment information, and more. They can be directed to watch introductory or training videos, read an employee manual, and document key cards and company-issued assets. With Ascentis HR, you are in control of your organization's critical HR and hiring processes.

Human resource software to help you analyze and decide

Ascentis HR provides over 300 standard reports that allow you analyze your employee data and act upon it accordingly. We have multiple reports in the following areas:

  - Attendance - Review and bonuses - Employment reports
  - Benefits - Personal employee data - OSHA
  - Compensation - COBRA - Self-service
      - Sarbanes-Oxley

Easy implementation

Our software is easy to implement and easy to use. It’s that simple. Many human resource software packages are difficult to implement, sometimes taking up to 6-9 months for a complete implementation. We can implement our HRIS software in approximately three weeks. Our implementation process provides every client with a statement of work, showing every step of the schedule and who is involved in each step of the process. We’ve got our implementation processes down to a science. And we’re very serious about keeping our clients in the loop and every step in the process on time.

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