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The ultimate solution for workforce management

Ascentis Timekeeper provides state-of-the-art technology, web-based portals and world-class support making it the smart choice for any size company.

Easy to use with powerful tools

Ascentis Timekeeper provides organizations with a user-friendly, self-service portal that simplifies and automates the labor management process.

  • Dashboard: Supervisors and managers gain transparency and control of their workforce with a simple dashboard view including attendance exceptions, time-off requests, daily punch head count, time clock heartbeat status, pay period timesheet approval status, and more.
  • Report Generator: A powerful report generator allows you to create hundreds of informative reports, as well as sort on any data field for any time period, filter by employee, labor groups or pay types, and print or export any report to Microsoft Excel® and Adobe PDF®.
  • Batch Background Processes: For posting of accrual benefit hours, holidays, and auto pay for salary employees, just to name a few.
  • Wide Selection of data collection devices: Configurations to meet any facility need including biometric (hand and finger), badge (barcode, mag stripe, proximity), mobile apps, web portals, scanner, and phone-in.

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