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Software Advice Reviews of Ascentis


Easy to use, Web-based applicant tracking system

Increase the size of your applicant pool through sourcing capabilities. Increase the quality of your applicant pool with pre-screening tools and weighted questions. With our recruitment software, Ascentis Recruiting, you can manage applicant and requisition data online including contact information, referral source, resumes, references, days-to-fill, job descriptions and many other recruiting software features. Manage applicants step-by-step from source to hire. With Ascentis Recruiting as your applicant tracking system, you will have a complete record of when applicants and requisitions have been processed, updated and reviewed. The real-time details on a candidate’s progress in the hiring process means that no qualified candidate is misplaced. Reporting on your candidate pool is easy. You can provide fast and accurate answers to source, applicant, requisition, or EEO/OFCCP questions to your management team.



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Automating the source-to-hire process

Hiring teams have long felt the heavy burden of the processes that come hand in hand with the recruiting process. From paper applications, resumes, and references to on-boarding activities such as gathering I-9’s, W-4’s, there have historically been many manual processes or non-optimal applicant tracking system processes that are heavy on time, light on efficiency and prone to errors. With recruitment software like Ascentis Recruiting, hiring managers and recruiters can walk the complex path from sourcing to hire to on-boarding. Once a hiring decision has been made, the employee is shared across the entire Ascentis human capital management platform eliminating dual-data entry.

Career portals that set you apart

Embedding a career portal into your company’s website can help reaffirm your company’s brand. An internal career portal can encourage employee career growth. With an intuitive user interface and social media tools, the applicant experience is greatly enhanced from the get-go.

Get socially engaged

It’s no secret that people look to their social networks to find the place they want to make a career home. Ascentis Recruiting software integrates social features into job postings that allow your jobs to spread among networks and be shared, liked, tweeted, linked, and more.

How does Ascentis Recruiting save you time and money?

Productivity - Applicant tracking systems like Ascentis Recruiting increases recruiter productivity by an average of 15%.

Reduced advertising costs - Ascentis Recruiting can save you as much as 35% on advertising. Using a Web-based recruitment software solution can increase applicant flow by as much as 30%, ultimately resulting in less need for advertising. In addition, you will need to advertise far less because you will be able to fill jobs from the database of candidates that have applied to previous openings and are already in the applicant tracking system.

Agency fees - Stop paying recruiters for applicants who applied directly but were "lost in the shuffle!" With Ascentis Recruiting, you maintain a database of everyone who has applied directly. Additionally, increased applicant flow lowers the need to use agency recruiters.

Time to fill - An online applicant tracking solution like Ascentis Recruiting can reduce the time to fill open positions by as much as 40%.

Increase productivity and efficiency with Ascentis Onboarding

  • Enable new hires to complete their pre-hire paperwork online from any computer.
  • Collect Form I-9, Form W-4, state tax forms, and gender and race/ethnicity information by activating the standard offering.
  • Receive new hire’s acknowledgement of the employee handbook, company policies, and their application. The wizard-driven process ensures that all materials are completed.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and filing costs with an online process that provides 24/7 access to data.

Improve communication and ensure security

  • Stay up-to-date on the new hire’s onboarding progress with status-driven workflows and email notifications.
  • Rest assured that the candidate is submitting information on an encrypted site with dual authentication. Signed documents are stored in a document vault and assigned a complete electronic signature audit trail.

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